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Create Your Sales PlayBook

Advance your sales, improve communication, and develop your own training academy with a custom Sales PlayBook. Work in collaboration with the CFS PlayBook Coaches, or build it with your team. Either way, your PlayBook is a tool to unlock your criteria for success.

What is a Sales PlayBook?

Well, it’s certainly not what your dad used back in the 90’s. Nope. This Sales PlayBook is for 21st century sellers.

Our PlayBooks are created for you, by you. Yes, that’s right. When you create a Sales PlayBook with CFS, your entire sales team is part of the process. But don’t worry, our team of advisors, consultants, and sales trainers will be right there beside you as you develop this incredible tool if you need help.

Housed within a collaboration-friendly wiki, using the your Sales PlayBook is as easy as click, edit, submit. Your PlayBook documents and enhances best selling practices in your firm in Five Success Areas: Prospecting, Selling, Support, System, and Team.

Get Your PlayBook!

Any Device

Your dynamic Sales PlayBook is accessible on all devices: from PCs to Macs, tablets, and smartphones.

For On-the-Go Teams

Easy accessibility means growth is possible anywhere. From the office to the field, your team will have everything they need.


It’s YOUR PlayBook, which means you hold the power. Click, edit, add text, templates, and so much more.

Highlight What Works

Your PlayBook is all about highlighting what works (and dropping what’s not). Real-time updates keep everyone in the loop.

Easy Integration

Take your Sales PlayBook to the next level by connecting it with your CRM, email, and other applications (it’s quick & easy!).

Build Something Incredible

Make your Sales PlayBook a one-stop-app for your sales team by attaching templates and documents.

Unlimited Users

From one to one thousand (or more!), you choose how many users can access and edit your Sales PlayBook.

Anyone Can Contribute

Designed with wiki functionality, your PlayBook is easy to use so anyone on the team can contribute.

Why Use a Sales PlayBook?

Creating and using a Sales PlayBook allows you to scale your company with criteria that works. As an added bonus, your PlayBook becomes an online sales training academy for new sales reps and sales managers. Your PlayBook will:

  • Document, improve, and enable ongoing development of best selling practices

  • Reinforce and enhance sales training content

  • Align on and enable supporting sales management function on an ongoing basis

  • Define a clear structure to drive ongoing sales improvement

  • Improve communication between departments to support sales

  • Improve communication between execs/managers and sales

  • Support ongoing adoption of sales best practices and sales improvement

CFS Custom Sales PlayBook

Anywhere, Anytime: Convenience at Your Fingertips!

Salespeople are busy, and are often bouncing from meeting to meeting. Your custom Sales PlayBook will create stronger, more effective salespeople. Meetings will run better, communication will flow, and deals will close faster.

Purchasing Options

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Want to Get the Most Out of Your Sales PlayBook? Add Sales Training!

Ensure that your Sales PlayBook sticks with sales training by one of our professional, experienced sales trainers.

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