Need a Sales PlayBook Template? Here’s Where to Start

Creating a Sales PlayBook can seem daunting. And my guess is, that’s exactly why you’re looking for a Sales PlayBook template right now!

The good news is that getting started on a new Sales PlayBook or maintaining your current Sales PlayBook isn’t as challenging as you might think. Sure, it’s going to take some man hours, sales team collaboration, and some deep analysis of your sales processes—but I promise—the payoff is well worth the effort.

So how can you create your own Sales PlayBook template? Check out the three ideas below.

Where to Start with Your Sales PlayBook Template

  1. If you’re new to PlayBooks…

If you’ve never created a Sales PlayBook before, or if your company just hasn’t gotten around to creating a PlayBook yet, we have the perfect resource to help you get started with your Sales PlayBook template. It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Creating & Managing a Sales PlayBook: What to Include, How to Manage, & Why a PlayBook is Crucial to Growing Sales.

And the best part? It’s completely free!

The eBook includes a step-by-step model for creating a Sales PlayBook template for your business. Want a copy? Click here or on the image below.

The ULTIMATE Sales PlayBook Guide

  1. If you’re revising a current Sales PlayBook…

If you already have a Sales PlayBook, but are just looking for some tips or advice to improve it, we’ve got a resource for this too! Taking your current Sales PlayBook template from good to great is easier than you might think!

This free resource is called Keeping Your Sales PlayBook Moving: 5 Strategies to Support Growing Sales Results. It is focused on helping you to prune and refresh your Sales PlayBook. And even better, it shares specific advice on elements you might not have considered—like incorporating your sales process with other technologies, developing a training program, and creating a PlayBook management process.

So, click here or on the image below to download a copy of this free resource.

Free eBook: Keeping Your Sales PlayBook Moving: 5 Strategies to Support Growing Sales Results

  1. If you’re totally overwhelmed by all of this…

Getting started with a Sales PlayBook can be extremely overwhelming. So, if the thought of creating a Sales PlayBook template, or revising an existing template, seems like an unsurmountable task, we’ve got a suggestion for you here too!

And while this last recommendation isn’t a free eBook, it will create TONS of freedom! Why? Well, because it’s a Sales PlayBook that’s already half-baked just for you! So, if you’re looking to save some time, effort, and energy, take a look at Collavia.

Collavia is a Sales PlayBook platform that includes the five success areas: prospecting, selling, support, system, and team. Since Collavia is pre-loaded with content and training videos, this Sales PlayBook template is prepped and ready for your team to add your unique content.

Click here or on the demo request image below for your own personal tour of Collavia.

Collavia Sales PlayBook Demo

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