Sales PlayBook Philosophy Eats Sales PlayBook Mechanics for Lunch

In order to describe what the CFS Sales PlayBook philosophy is, I must first define what it isn’t! It isn’t an app, program, or “thing.” Sure, it contains things like sales tools and descriptions of best sales and sales management practices. Although it contains all of that, it’s not just that! The CFS Sales PlayBook is a “context” for selling. Allow me to explain!

At CFS, when we talk about “philosophy” we also mean the why, which motivates the how, or the “mechanics.” Most sales training organizations I’ve came across focus on the mechanics. They will say things like, “Act this way and you will become a better salesperson,” or, “Manage this way and you will be a better sales leader.”

The problem with this approach is that the salesperson is related to as being a “thing,” or a piece of machinery. People are not machines. In this realm, people spend time doing things without much purpose or reason. When you have established a purpose, then the mechanics can correlate to deliver on the desired outcome. Therefore philosophy, which is like purpose, drives the machinery, just like a person drives a car.

So the philosophy of the CFS Sales PlayBook is to bring purpose to selling and to enable your sellers to do what they do best in new ways. In other words, it introduces different ideas about key selling practices like introducing your company in 30 seconds, breaking down your offering into a series of solution sets, asking the best questions, identifying problems that you can solve, and telling stories so the listener can discover your value in their mind, and much more.

However the key fundamental philosophy of the CFS Sales PlayBook is that your team of salespeople are the experts who need a process to continue to develop, practice and effectively apply their expertise in a structured and systematic way, without being rigid or dogmatic so that they can’t be themselves and apply their unique communication styles and behaviors. It calls forth all the best disciplines in your company for generating leads, closing deals, providing support to your sellers, utilizing your internal automated systems, and most importantly it provides a forum for anyone in your company to exchange best selling practices so that everyone improves!


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Charles Bernard is the CEO at Criteria for Success. He writes about sales, sales leadership, social selling best practices, time management, and anything related to helping others make sales success a habit.

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