Sales Management Training: 3 Ways to Be an Opportunity Maker for Your Team

I love TED Talks – it’s a great way to hear fresh ideas and get inspiration. We often browse the archives for new philosophies and perspectives to integrate into our sales and sales management training. Recently, I watched this talk from Kare Anderson about being an Opportunity Maker.

Kare is talking about being an opportunity maker in general to make your life more meaningful, but much of what she shares can also be applied to sales management. At CFS, we believe that the primary goal of sales management is to develop successful salespeople. One way to do that is to be an opportunity maker for them.

Here are 3 steps for being an opportunity maker for your sales team.

Focus on “Us” vs. “Me” or “You”

As a sales manager, it’s easy to talk about “me” or “you.” You have a sales goal, and each of your salespeople has an individual target. Rather than focusing on individuals, cultivate a team-oriented mindset. Align your team behind goals, and the shared focus will push everyone to succeed.

Nurture Your Team’s Strengths

I loved Kare’s point that everyone is the best at something. As a manager, you are in a unique position to observe the strengths of your team members. Work to identify the unique skills your salespeople have, then nurture those abilities. Encourage your team to read, take classes, and practice their skills.

Foster Connections

One of the best ways you can add value to your sales team is to leverage your connections and relationships. While you may or may not be directly involved in selling, you can make introductions, find targets, and open doors for your salespeople. Make sure you maintain your network, and set a goal for how many referrals and introductions you will give every month.

How are you an opportunity maker for your salespeople? Share your ideas in the comments!

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