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sales improvement program - acceleration

Accelerate your sales results.

The Criteria for Success acceleration program is recommended for sales teams that are ready to quickly boost their results. It combines sales and sales management training with our Acceleration Sales PlayBook.

  • sales training
    Sales Training

    This full-day interactive sales training workshop enables salespeople to realize breakthrough improvements by overcoming obstacles to successful selling, being a problem solver, correctly executing 4 fundamental behaviors, finding and engaging more buyers, setting and achieving sales goals, and using the Sales PlayBook to sell more.

    During acceleration sales training you will learn to:

      • Embrace successful selling philosophy & mechanics
      • Apply a problem-solving method using Solution Sets
      • Sell with success stories
      • Use 4 fundamental behaviors to sell better
      • Deliver powerful introductions in 30 seconds
      • Generate targeted lead lists
      • Perform more prospecting activity
      • Make the Sales PlayBook work for you
      • Set and achieve goals
      • Execute your sales checklist
  • leadership training
    Leadership Training

    This full-day interactive sales leadership training enables sales leaders and other key stakeholders to realize breakthrough improvements in driving sales performance. Participants learn to overcome obstacles to successful sales management, apply a simple coaching process, lead sales team meetings that motivate, use the Sales PlayBook that drives best practices for selling, and set and use Key Performance indicators to make the right decisions.

    During acceleration sales leadership training you will learn to:

      • Embrace successful management philosophy & mechanics
      • Apply sales management checklists
      • Coach your salespeople to operate at peak performance
      • Run internal sales meetings that motivate salespeople
      • Set and track goals
      • Conduct performance reviews that help your sellers succeed
      • Learn which KPIs forecast success
  • sales playbook
    Sales PlayBook

    The Acceleration Sales Improvement Program includes a Sales PlayBook to help drive your sales team to success.

    The Acceleration Sales PlayBook includes 5 sections to capture your sales best practices:

      • Prospecting
      • Selling
      • Support
      • System
      • Team
    • CFS Facilitated PlayBook Activation
      CFS Facilitated PlayBook Content Activation

      The Acceleration Program includes Expanded PlayBook Content and a PlayBook Sales Advisor. It also includes four webinars to facilitate your PlayBook process. These live interactive webinars activate your Sales PlayBook by customizing powerful selling tools and applying them for maximum acceleration.

        • Solution Sets that develop sellers into problem solvers
        • Best questions that move opportunities forward
        • Success stories that sell
        • Engaging 30-second introductions
    • Advanced Sales Training
      Acceleration Sales Training

      In addition to the full-day sales training and full-day leadership training, the Acceleration Program includes six Acceleration webinars. These live interactive webinars accelerate the application of selling fundamentals and introduce new tools and techniques.

          • Applying fundamental training in the field
          • Sharing best practices & success stories
          • Reinforcing training lessons
          • Generating leads quickly
          • Making in-person networking work for you
          • Asking for & giving referrals to generate real opportunities

About the Acceleration Sales Improvement Program

The Acceleration Sales Improvement Program begins with our one-day Breakthrough Sales Training where we identify key problem areas, capture best practices, and inspire growth.

Once training is complete we begin Sales PlayBook Development, activating your Sales PlayBook so your team can begin exploring and developing your selling procedures and best practices.

The Acceleration Sales PlayBook will help your team develop in the following areas:

  • sales prospectingProspecting

    • Prospecting Action Plan
    • Targeting
    • Asking for Referrals
    • Networking
    • Cold Calling
    • 30-Second Commercial
    • Common Problems
  • sellingSelling

    • Running a Meeting
    • Sample Meeting Agenda
    • Problem/Opportunity Matrix
    • Success Stories
    • Common Objections & Pushbacks
    • D.E.A.L Document
    • Going for No
  • playbook supportSupport

    • Sales Management Checklists
    • Running a Sales Team Meeting
    • Hiring Salespeople
    • Onboarding Salespeople
    • Salesperson’s Toolbox
    • Salesperson’s Checklists
    • Territory Planning & the Client Evolution Model
    • One-on-One Salesperson/Sales Manager Meetings
    • Personal/Professional Development
    • Time Management
  • sales systemSystem

    • User Tracker Report
    • PlayBook Tips
    • PlayBook Administration
  • sales teamTeam

    • Forums

sales growth

Ready to Accelerate Your Sales Results?

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