Sales App of the Month: VOSTIT

Did you know that VOSTIT could change your sales game?

The other day I was reviewing the performance of our web leads and discovered we weren’t making many connections. For some managers, this would force them to go into Batman mode. That’s when your manager becomes a vigilante who sneaks up on you unexpectedly and asks a dozen questions as soon as you let down your guard. Luckily, I don’t view my team as a bunch of Jokers.

After digging a bit deeper, I learned that we were not getting many phone numbers. Most of our recent web leads have only submitted a valid e-mail. When reading our responses to prospects, the quality was hit or miss with most of my team practically begging for their phone number. This wasn’t good. If we don’t change and adapt we will be at the mercy of current trends.

We have come to rely on technology as a time saving tool. As such, the need to engage in time-intensive activities like phone calls and meetings are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As sales professionals this notion is pretty scary. We are at our very best when we can get in front of a prospect and make a genuine connection. But how do you make a genuine connection with someone when all you have is their name and e-mail address?

The answer is video e-mail. Instead of answering questions and attempting to engage your prospect through text, send a video for a more personalized experience. We chose to recreate that personal face-to-face connection using video based communication.

Since implementing video responses, my team’s engagement level has dramatically increased. Through technology (the very thing that tied our hands behind our back) we were able to build trust and value in what we offer.


We chose to do this through a service called VOSTIT. A Business account is only $14.99 a month and you can send a single message to up to 2,000 contacts. Among other cool features, you can get your Inspector Gadget on by sending videos that will self-destruct (become unavailable) after being viewed.

Once you have an account, you can download and start using their mobile app if you want to send video e-mails on the go.

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Have you tried sending videos to your prospects? What other strategies have you employed to engage prospects that submit limited contact information?

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