Sales App of the Month: CamCard

Do you have the CamCard app?

I use my phone for everything. Like most busy sales professionals, it has become my lifeline and I discover at least three new ways that it can save me time each month. Although I sometimes miss my super trendy ten-pound laptop bag, a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders (literally).

Yes, I use a ton of different sales related apps. For example, I can access my entire prospect database from my mobile CRM app and add notes or make phone calls from wherever I am. Another way I use my phone is while I am meeting with a prospect. Using my mobile website, I can show a prospect what we have in stock (with photos) without ever having to usher them to a kiosk.

I also do a lot of networking—which means I have so many business cards floating around that they start reappearing in random places (like in between my couch cushions). It’s not that I don’t value these connections, but with all the cardboard in your pocket, it’s easy to misplace a few.

I knew there had to be a digital solution for managing these contacts—and I am happy to say I have found one.


CamCard is an app for Apple and Android devices that scans and organizes all of your business cards using the camera on your phone. What is even cooler is that I can save these cards to my phone contacts or organize them within the app itself. From within the app, I can search for profiles on LinkedIn, share the card via e-mail or even browse the business contact’s website.

Check out this video to learn a little more about CamCard:

You can download CamCard for free on ITunes or Android. This app has made my life infinitely easier. If you are like me and do a lot of networking, give it a try.

Are you using another app for collecting contacts from business cards? Which one do you use and what is your favorite feature?

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