Sales App of the Month: Any.DO

I recently had one of those “crazy days.” You know the days I’m talking about. For me, the day starts to get crazy when I’m completely booked with sales activity and I also have personal obligations that can’t be put off. For example, my to-do list for the day might look something like this:

  • Sales Meeting
  • Generate Proposal
  • Call Dentist to Schedule Appointment
  • Networking Lunch
  • Call the Cable Company to Schedule a Technician to Fix My Internet
  • Sales Meeting
  • Turn in Expense Reports
  • Buy Flowers
  • Visit Grandmother for her 85th Birthday
  • Prepare Proposal for a Sales Meeting Tomorrow
  • Perfect the Art of Time Travel…

Well, the last one might be bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely something I continue to work on (and will have mastered any minute now). Until then, I’ll have to settle for existing miracles of technology. I came across an amazing app for my phone and PC that really helps organize the day and allows me to stay on top of my tasks, both business and personal. It’s called Any.DO.

With just a few swipes (or clicks) you can schedule activities, prioritize tasks and share lists with your colleagues. Highlights include being able to sync with your calendar, using it on any platform (mobile, PC, Mac etc.), and going totally hands-free because it allows voice-to-text (sausage fingers rejoice!).


How helpful is Any.DO for sales? When was the last time your sales to-do list wasn’t overflowing? Ours is also a profession where every minute counts, and you never want to forget to follow up. I recently shared this app with my team, and now we use it to share our lists so we can all support each other. You can get pretty creative with all the tools and functionality. Check it out on ITunes or Google Play. If you are currently using Any.DO, share some of your best practices in the comments section below.

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