Sales and Customer Service: Two Parts of One Machine

I’ll start with this: sales and customer service eventually comes full-circle.

One leads to the other and vice-versa. Without making sales, you won’t have customers, nor will you have the need for customer service. Similarly, without customer service, you won’t have sales.

Well, let’s take a step back. You would have sales, but they would be a dead-end road for your customers and clients. Great, you were able to sell your computer software to a decent-sized firm. But what happens when things go wrong? What happens when the software becomes outdated and they need to renew their subscription? What happens when they need at add a few more seats to their subscription? Without customer service, I can tell you that customers will be angry and will probably seek out a competitor to replace your firm.

With great customer service, your clients will easily be able to fix their problems at hand. They  won’t need to seek out competition, and they won’t need to train employees on a new software. Instead, they will happily stay with your company so long as you are able to support their business accounts.

Sales and customer service thrive as one machine:

If you’re working at a mid or large-sized company, it’s probable that you have two separate departments for sales and customer service. One is dedicated to the acquisition, qualification, and conversion of leads. The next is dedicated to the support and happiness of these converted leads.

It’s also probable that these two departments have minimal, if any interaction. Often times, customer service centers are even outsourced overseas.

If you’re at a smaller company, your sales reps probably also wear the customer service rep hat. They are responsible for the selling and nurturing. Oftentimes, due to commission rates and quotas, the nurturing is put on the back-burner in an effort to close more deals.

So how do you make these two entities work together? This starts with understanding of both functions.

Sales reps need to know where customers will go when they need help. Customer service representatives need to know the importance of customer experience when it comes to upselling.

Ultimately, your employees know your customers best. Work together to figure out how sales and customer service can be an aligned, functioning process. They’re key components to the growth machine in your firm: without them, your company is stagnant. Align both departments in our favorite 5 areas of: prospecting, selling, support, system, and team to make sure that they’re working together to create the best buyer and customer journey ever!

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About the Author:

Arianna Miskel is the Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Criteria for Success. She writes about a wide variety of topics including sales leadership, sales training, motivation, and general best practices.


  1. Monika Götzmann September 27, 2017 at 1:46 am - Reply

    This is an interesting article. We often see that sales and customer service are separate departments and do not even have any working communication channels, other than maybe socializing outside the office. This is a real missed opportunity as aligning both departments can be hugely beneficial for both their objectives. However, this can only be realised via comprehensive strategy with common goals to be achieved and formal processes to realize those.

    • Arianna Miskel October 3, 2017 at 4:05 pm - Reply

      Thank you for your insight, Monika! I agree, businesses need to take responsibility for creating processes throughout both departments in order to see cohesion and results.

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