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Hello everyone, David from Criteria for Success here. I am really excited to talk about a recent trip Charles and I took to delivered our two-day Sales Intensive Training in Wales and London.

Prior to making our way to Wales we stayed in Russell Square in London. It was there we did a little sightseeing. From the Tower of London to the Houses of Parliament, it was amazing to see the rich history and breathtaking landscapes. From English Breakfasts to Fish and Chips, the food was equally amazing.


My personal favorite was visiting the Tower of London. It was there I was able to see the Crown Jewels and interior of the castle. Truly an eye-opening experience, good thing I was able to have historic narration by one of the castle’s “Beefeaters.”

After a short drive we arrived in Wales. The old town atmosphere and rolling hills was reminiscent of beauty only seen in films. What was even more astonishing was the fact we stayed at an old castle that was converted into a hotel. This would be the scene where Charles and I would deliver a powerful training.
Throughout the two days, we challenged our clients to throw away their features and benefits and concentrate on their prospects. We did this through practical application of our proprietary “Philosophy and Mechanics,” intense role-practices, and exercises that would begin development of their Sales Playbook.


Every participant was actively engaged throughout the two days. Moreover, they were friendly as could be as we wandered through an unfamiliar country. Most importantly, they received a tremendous amount of value and expressed their gratitude in the end, with gracious comments and brilliant questions.
All in all, this was a memorable journey that I am sure we will not soon forget!


Have you ever been to London or Wales before? Tell us about it in the comments!

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