Revamp Your Sales PlayBook! It’s All About Social Selling

From sales and marketing to social selling and social media, it’s not just the buzzwords that have changed: the process has evolved too.

In the world of sales, we are at a tipping point. The traditional sales method (or Old School, as I refer to it in my last blog post) is still alive and well. However, our prospects, customers, and buyers are changing. Because well, let’s be honest, the world around us is changing.

From Baby Boomers to Millennials:
Bridging the Gap

The CFS team has been overwhelmed these past few months with questions about social media from executives, sales managers, and CEOs.

From baby boomers we hear questions like:

  • “I don’t get social media for selling.”
  • “How do we make money from social media?”
  • “Social media seems like a huge drain on our time.”
  • “I don’t understand the value of social media.”
  • “How do I use social media to generate real leads?”

From millenials we hear:

  • “What social media platforms should we focus on using?”
  • “What apps do you recommend to help manage social?”
  • “What methods do you use to get leads from social media?”
  • “How should we manage professional pages vs. personal pages on Twitter and other platforms?”
  • “How do I engage the sales and marketing teams to work together to leverage the power of social media?”

So, it’s time to bridge the gap. No matter what age you are or what level of experience you have, it’s time to get with the times. Social media is here to stay and the exciting news is: it can actually help you.

If you are still hesitant that social media will transform your sales team, check out these stats:

As a sales professional, these stats should excite you! Look at all the potential sitting right in the palm of your hand (literally).

Revamping Your Sales PlayBook

At Criteria for Success, we’ve been using a Sales PlayBook for a long time. In fact, it’s really what we do here! We’ve had enormous success with the sales teams that we’ve worked with and up until a few months ago, focused the majority of our energy on traditional prospecting and selling. But, to keep up with the changing landscape and increasing requests, our program has evolved to include social selling.

We are excited to share that we are moving to a Sales PlayBook+. This PlayBook is everything our clients have been doing in the world of sales, PLUS it encompasses the emerging way of selling through social media.

But, sharing is caring, right? We would like to encourage you to revamp your own Sales PlayBook to include social selling and here are three areas that we suggest that you address:

  1. Social selling using social media
  2. Social selling using traditional and new sales techniques
  3. Socializing selling within your company

Here’s what it all boils down to: what are your best practices for sales? What are your teams’ “criteria for success?” What is your personal “criteria for success?” It’s time to get the team together and talk about the best way to move into the world of social selling, because it’s a big one and it’s happening fast!

Want to learn more about Social Selling? Check out our Ebook on Social Selling:

Free Ebook: Social Selling

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