10 Qualities of a World-Class Sales Team

Do you have a world-class sales team? Do you want to?

CFS has worked with hundreds of salespeople and dozens of different company’s sales teams.  Our job is to help the team to not only grow, but to win at a world-class level.

The key to play at this level is that the team owns the responsibility for developing and executing the best practices that drive their own success.

10 Qualities of a World-Class Sales Team

Want to know what a world-class sales team has that other sales teams don’t? Here are 10 qualities we’ve discovered among some of the best world-class sales teams that we’ve known.

  1. The managers don’t manage.

    That’s right: the sales team manages themselves. Managers manage process and provide guidance, however the ball is in the court of the sales team to stay on task.

  1. Top performers are the best trainers.

    We’ve discovered that peer learning beats instructor-based learning. Most salespeople we know want to understand what’s in the “secret sauce” that makes certain members on their team perform consistently at higher levels.

  1. The selling culture is “discovery-based.”

    As they learn, salespeople “discover” best practices and then allow their clients to “discover” the value of the products and services that they sell, rather than being told.

  1. Salespeople are assertive vs. aggressive.

    Aggressive salespeople are rude, cocky, arrogant, and pushy. Assertive salespeople ask direct questions, openly discuss concerns, and encourage a relationship where both buyer and seller hold each other accountable to their commitments.

  1. The whole team understands the company’s purpose.

    Every salesperson can articulate the company’s mission, vision, and unique value proposition in a clear way and makes it their own.

  1. The team rallies around a flag.

    Each winning sales team takes to heart one most-valuable key leading indicator. For most of the clients we work with, it’s the number of follow up (DEAL) emails that are sent to new and existing clients.

  1. A winning sales team understands what clients care about in a salesperson:

  • Are you trustworthy?
  • Do you work hard for my business?
  • Do you honor your word?
  • Are you a subject-matter-expert?
  • Can you hold you, your organization, and me accountable?
  1. The team leads and follows.

    People on the team take turns leading and by example, whenever circumstances dictate.

  1. Salespeople and sales management are a resource for each other.

    They help each other to stay positive, especially when they are going through a tough time closing new business. They help each other to learn and overcome obstacles and coach each other to win new business.

  1. The members of the team are good ambassadors.

    Every member of the team makes sure that the rest of the organization understands what was sold, what the client needs, and how they can support those who fulfill on what was sold to do so as well as possible.

Now, what does your list look like? What qualities do you believe a sales team needs in order to reach a world-class level? Comment below, I’d love to discover more.

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