6 Prospecting Tips to Finish the Year Out Strong

Here we are in Q4… it’s time to roll out some prospecting tips to finish out the year strong!

That’s right! We’ve been talking to lots of salespeople and sales managers lately about their goals. Salespeople are concerned about making quota in the fourth quarter. And guess what? Sales managers are too!

Then again, who doesn’t want to end the year off well?

We want you to meet (and exceed) your goals. That’s why we’ve been collecting some of the best prospecting tips throughout the year to share with you.

Now, let’s get to it!

17 Sales Prospecting Tips

On Ignored Emails:

Buyers are sick of sales emails. Yep, they’re sick of them!

Pete Caputa, VP of Sales at Hubspot, shared some examples of what these terrible prospecting emails look like in his article Salespeople, Please Stop Sending Terrible Prospecting Emails Like This.

Then Pete took things a step further. He wrote a follow up article with 7 prospecting tips to get around the issue of ignored emails. Here are Pete’s 7 prospecting tips:

  1. Build real relationships.
  2. Attract prospects to you by publishing valuable content.
  3. Use a wide variety of touchpoints to connect.
  4. Stop pitching over email.
  5. Pay attention to the clues your prospects leave you.
  6. Make yourself available when prospects want to talk to you.
  7. Constantly improve your emails.

P.S. I highly recommend reading his article.

On Creating a Sales Prospecting Action Plan:

As you enter into this final quarter, now might be a great time to reassess your sales prospecting action plan.

Don’t have a sales prospecting action plan? Here are some prospecting tips to help you or your team to create one!

We recommend that sales teams create a prospecting action plan on a monthly basis and review it with management.

Targeting: Create an Ideal Prospect List

The first step for any Prospecting Action Plan is defining the ideal target and creating an ideal prospect list. Ask your sales team the following questions:

  • Who are your best customers (not necessarily the biggest, but the best)?
  • Where did you find your best customers?
  • Is there an industry in which you have experience that might make it a good target industry?
  • What is your ideal company size?
  • Who at the organization is the decision-maker for your products and services?

Once you’ve identified your ideal targets, ask your sales team the following questions to get them thinking about ways to interact with prospects:

  • Who are your prospects’ customers?
  • Why do their clients buy from them?
  • What industry events (such as trade shows) do they attend?
  • What type of social functions are your clients most active in?
  • Which books, magazines, and blogs do your prospects read?

On Following Up:

Looking for fresh prospecting tips on following up with prospects? We’ve got a good one for you.

Here at CFS, we have a simple sales tool that produces excellent results. It’s called DEAL.

It’s an email that’s created in a particular format after a substantial conversation has been had with a prospect that provides clear action.

It sets the tone for the salesperson and the buyer to be at a level playing field when starting a workable relationship.

Interested in using DEAL for more effective follow ups? Download our free eBook for specific instructions and a blank template.

Discovering High Performance with DEAL

On Updating Prospecting Activity in CRM:

It’s easy to forget about CRM when you’re in the thick of making deals.

Now that the end of the year is in sight, why not take a look at your CRM prospecting activity to see where there is room for improvement?

Jeremy Pound, CEO at Juicy Results, is on a mission to spread the gospel of CRM. In his article Rule #1 for Using Your CRM Effectively, he gives a real-life example of how expensive overlooking just one follow up can potentially be.

Jeremy’s solution? “Always, always, always have a dated next step for every person in your CRM.”

On Leveraging Marketing:

There is power in numbers. So, why not strengthen your sales efforts by leveraging your marketing department?

Brian Honigman, CEO of Honigman Media, is an expert in marketing strategy. He recently wrote a fantastic article about Tackling Content Marketing on a Budget.

Brian focuses a portion of his article on leveraging the expertise of others for content marketing—and I could not agree more.

At CFS, we have developed a system for leveraging expertise. I highly suggest you consider doing the same!

Members of our sales team, operations, marketing, and of course Charles, our CEO, all play a part. Sure, the content might need a little more editing than say a piece written by a content writer. But hey, that’s why they pay me, the Marketing Manager!

Takeaway for sales managers and salespeople: get with your marketing department. Have a conversation, share your ideas!

On Finding Better Sales Leads:

All salespeople want the best leads, but knowing where to look isn’t always easy.

That’s where Mark Hunter and Jill Konrath come in. Both have a library of prospecting tips, but one of my favorites is from a discussion between Mark and Jill about High-Profit Prospecting.

Mark’s biggest takeaway?

6 Prospecting Tips to Finish the Year Out Strong

Other Prospecting Tips

Are there other prospecting tips that you’d like to share as we approach the end of the year? We’d love to hear more! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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