New Year New Me: Organizing With CRM

When you feel like you’re boggled down by disorganized data, CRM is the answer.

Yesterday was a cleaning day for CFS. We emptied drawers, boxes, and storage cabinets onto the conference table and were amazed at how much “stuff” we had. A cheap camera we forgot about buying, knick-knacks from clients and vendors, power cables to unknown appliances, and piles of unused office supplies. We divided everything into groups, threw away what we could, and put everything away in logical places.

Walking into the office this morning felt great – I peeked into some of the cabinets just to admire the results of our work. I’m heading on vacation next week, and it’s good to think about coming back in January to a clean slate.

Wouldn’t it be great to apply the same process to sales information? Imagine feeling this way about newly organized data, contacts, and leads.

Organize With CRM:

Revive Old Opportunities
The end of the year is a great time to look back at opportunities you’ve lost and see which ones might be revived. If you’ve been tracking the reason you lost opportunities, take a look at those which were lost due to competition. A friendly note that you’re thinking about them might reveal they are unhappy with your competitor and looking for a change! If you lost the opportunity due to price, their financial situation may have changed. These old prospects probably remember who you are and what you do – isn’t that a nice change from cold calling and networking events?

Review Old Leads
This is also a great time to scan through your old leads. You never know which ones slipped through the cracks! If possible, run reports of all open leads, grouped by the month they were created. The grouping can help spark your memories of specific people you met, and you might just think of a reason to call.

Wipe the Slate
Take the new year as an opportunity to start fresh. Is there an opportunity you’ve been hanging on to that is never going to close? Do you have hundreds of un-contacted leads from a networking event last spring that have been hanging over your head? As you wind this year down, clear some of that from your priority list so you can start the new year with a fresh focus.

Find anything interesting cleaning out your desk? Let us know in the comments!

This is the fifth post in my series of strategies for using your CRM system to focus your prospecting and selling activity.

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