4 Ways to Manage Sales Growth with a Sales Process

Responsibility for sales growth and a sales process is not limited to members of your sales team.

If the pressure for sales growth rests exclusively on the shoulders of the VP of sales, then you risk fostering a culture of insularity in your company.

If you don’t want the sales department to become an island, follow these steps to get the rest of the company involved in sales growth.

4 Ways to Manage Sales Growth with a Sales Process

Create a sales growth team

Develop a sales growth team with members from other departments in the company.

These can be people from marketing, operations, finance, human resources, and the executive committee. It’s not uncommon to see 5 to 10 people on a sales growth team, depending on the size of the company.

The sales growth team works together to build your sales process, aka your Sales PlayBook.

Focus on developing best practices for generating new leads, for selling new opportunities, for providing support to the sellers, and for using your CRM system effectively.

Also encourage exchange of best practices among members of the sales team so they can learn from each other. For more on this, check out our free eBook: Building a Sales Process for Repeatable Success.

Manage the sales pipeline

Define the stages an opportunity goes through from early stage to close, then reflect these in your CRM system. Deals that are stalled should be removed from the pipeline if they can’t be revitalized.

Paying close attention to moving deals through your pipeline is critical.


Train the sales and support teams in good selling techniques and in the features and benefits of your solutions.

If you practice a consultative sell, then take the time to train people to sell consultatively. To do this, focus on the four cornerstone consultative sales practices, which consist of asking good questions, exposing meaningful problems, sharing solutions, and telling success stories about how you solved these problems for other clients or customers.


Use a tried and tested system that works for hiring new members to the sales team.

Add a “chemistry fit test” to your interview cycle. For example, ask the candidate to provide a stand-up presentation for the hiring manager and their peers, which might include the head of operations. They should present their core values, what they don’t like to do, but will do anyway, examples of past professional, and/or personal wins, and anything else they would like to communicate.

The chemistry test should last between 15 and 20 minutes in length. The back and forth between your staff and the candidate provides good insights into how well the candidate will get along with others in your company.

For additional information on how to affect sales growth, take a look at these articles from Harvard Business Review and Sales HQ:

Free eBook: Building a Sales Process for Repeatable Success

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