Leads, Leads! Where Art Thou, Leads?

When looking for leads, there are plenty of things to keep in mind.

Nothing is more satisfying than the end of the month rush. Incentives are expiring and prospects are highly motivated to make things happen. My team has been known to pull out a third of our sales in the final weekend alone. Each day brings infinite opportunities to generate more revenue. What is there not to love?

After we hit our goal, fist bumps run rampant, bonuses are distributed, and the top producer is crowned. We celebrate like it’s our birthday and do everything but take swings at a Piñata (although I have thought about it). Through all the pomp and circumstance, we make grand plans for the upcoming month. That’s right! We are on fire and nothing can stop us…right?

Enter the first of the month. It feels a lot less like momentum and a lot more like a hangover. My team and I log into our database in hopes to find more hot prospects only to discover a horrifying reality. Our pipeline is almost completely dry! How can we top last month with nothing new in the works?

Enter the Sales Manager’s recurring nightmare. “Where do I get more leads?” I was sick of asking myself this question and even sicker of the hamster wheel of selling – activity goes up and down but never goes anywhere new. As result, I put together a plan to focus on a steady flow of lead generation.

Besides leads, here are the areas I will dive further into, in future blogs:

Data Mining. Usually the best leads are right under our nose. So how do we maximize our opportunities with the tools we already have?
Partnerships. You can’t do it alone. Beyond networking, how can we identify true referral partners who are invested in our mutual success?
Marketing, Meet Sales. Marketing is a stellar resource for helping convey your message. How do you take that message and generate more opportunity?
Get Social. We all know it works – businesses who know how have written textbooks on it. Still, to some it’s like reading hieroglyphics. What are some easy, tangible ways to see success from social media?

Lead generating is so important. If you do the same activities over and over, then you are basically living on a prayer (cue Bon Jovi) in hopes that you hit your monthly/quarterly goals. What areas do you feel bring you the most success when generating new business opportunity?

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