Key Hiring Elements for Quick Fills

When you are in dire need of new team members, it can be easy to frantically hire the wrong people.  Read on to see how three key hiring elements can help you acquire the perfect person.

So it’s happened again – you look down the aisle at your office and realize that you need more staff in order to properly handle the leads that are being generated. Time to start recruiting! Unfortunately, time is limited so you need to be effective.

But just as you begin to formulate a hiring strategy, one of your sales team walks into your office and gives her two-week notice. Ugh, now the sense of urgency went up one more notch. You immediately start sifting through the stack of resumes. But it’s not over yet. While you’re still occupied, yet another team member walks into your office and requests a medical leave that will keep him away for a month!

If this scenario sounds at all familiar to you, then congratulations! Your sense of urgency has just hit critical mass. I recently faced a similar challenge myself. The hiring process can be daunting, but there are some things you can do to make it easier.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of resumes floating around. You can post an ad on career builder, ask your network for referrals and you may still have some candidates on file from last time you were hiring. Step one, check!

Now that you are ready to dig in to the leaning tower of resumes, it’s time to ask yourself the question: “What am I looking for?” It’s a question easier asked than answered my friend. However, I discovered there are three key hiring elements to look for.

Key hiring elements:


The key attribute of a potential team member is their ability to fit in a positive company culture. A team that works well together will produce maximum results, while a team that doesn’t get along is doomed to miss their goals.

I look under the skills or interests section of a candidates resume to see how like-minded they are with some my current team members. This is a key hiring element that can never be completely uncovered on paper, but that’s one place to start looking.


This is what sets a candidate apart from everyone else. Sure they can sell, but can they write or do they have public speaking abilities? What other skills can they bring to the table that will enhance our presence in the market?

When I look at the accomplishments a candidate lists on their resume, I try to find accomplishments that highlight their skills outside of selling as well.


This can be very important depending on what role you are looking to fill. However, I feel it can be less important than talent and a willingness to learn. After all, you can always help the right person gain experience, but you can never make someone willing to learn.

What attributes do you look for when screening resumes? Have your prioritize them in a different order? If so, why?

In future blogs, I will discuss each milestone in the hiring process. Next, I will share some of the most effective phone screening questions I have heard and used.

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