Jason Lavin Shares Marketing Ideas to Fuel Your Sales Funnel

As the Marketing Director here at CFS, I am constantly looking for marketing ideas that will fuel the sales funnel. More specifically, I am looking for qualified leads to fuel the sales funnel and keep it from running dry.

So, it was my lucky day when Mark Taylor, NYC Vistage Chair and friend, invited our team to listen in on a presentation by Jason Lavin called Master Your Webmaster: Internet Marketing for Business Owners. For those that don’t know Jason, you should. He is the CEO of Golden Communications and is a clever, extroverted ball of energy that sincerely loves helping others. His enthusiasm was contagious and if you happen to find him speaking in your town, go!

Fueling the Sales Funnel

Jason also shared some marketing ideas focused on fueling the sales funnel. Truthfully, he focused the conversation on ways to fill the sales funnel to the brim with some pretty savvy Internet marketing techniques. Some key takeaways:

Know your buyer.

What makes your buyers tick? Jason referred to Jim Collins’ fantastic book, Good to Great (you will certainly be seeing this one on our next list of Best Books!). He then asked us the following questions:

  • What are you deeply passionate about?
  • What are you the best in the world at?
  • What drives your economic engine?

Now, rather than answer these questions for yourself—think about them in terms of your future clients. What are they passionate about? What do they want to be best in the world at? What drives their economic engine?

As marketing and sales professionals, it’s not all about us (newsflash!). Though it’s important to determine the above questions for yourself and your company, it’s equally important to step back and figure out how you can solve problems for your own clients.

Make prospecting fun.

Prospecting can be a real drag for salespeople. Think about it: salespeople want to spend their time selling, not prospecting. Jason pointed out that it’s really hard to be good at something you hate—so in order to be good at prospecting, you’ve got to love it.

How can anyone possibly love prospecting? Well, the marketing team can certainly love prospecting if what they’re doing is filling up the pipeline with leads for sales! So, how can your marketing team fill the pipeline up with leads?

  1. Determine your prospects’ wants and needs.
  2. Develop a SEO/SEM marketing plan that utilizes “intentful phrases.”
  3. Love what you do.
  4. Go listen to Jason talk somewhere.

Serve others.

Perhaps my biggest takeaway when meeting Jason was that he truly has a servant’s heart. He genuinely wanted to help our group of business owners and professionals, and his passion for his clients and employees was crystal clear. He spoke with true pride about his employees, especially Lauren!

At the meeting I asked Jason if he would be willing to share his “criteria for success”—he kindly agreed! Here is what Jason shared:

Thank you, Jason, for sharing your criteria for success with us!

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