Let’s Talk Sales! Growth Begins with You with Bill Eckstrom – Episode 9

The featured guest on episode 9 is Bill Eckstrom. Bill is the President of EcSell Institute, a membership community for senior sales managers and their sales management teams.

EcSell Institute turns ordinary sales managers into extraordinary sales coaches by helping them apply their sales coaching formula for excellence.

Interview with Bill Eckstrom

On this episode, Bill shares his insights on developing sales managers into coaches. Bill believes that if you’re willing to change your mindset, you can grow. On the flip side: if you’re not willing to adapt, you are now facing limitations.

Bill also shares more on the concept of intellectual understand versus emotional readiness. And perhaps most exciting–Bill talks about his incredible TedxTalk, Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life.

The Growth Rings play a huge role in Bill’s philosophy. And during this episode, Bill shares more on The Growth Rings and how they impact sales management.

And, he also answers questions about:

  • His earliest memory in sales
  • His journey with coaching and mentoring
  • Whether or not we’re all “salespeople”
  • What makes a leader
  • A hard lesson learned
  • Resources that help in times of difficulty
  • Areas where he struggles, as well as where he thrives
  • Book suggestions
  • A piece of wisdom
  • A tactical sales tip that can be applied to your Sales PlayBook

Featured on this Episode:

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