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Use these free sales training resources to bring your company to the next level.

Criteria for Success is committed to helping you discover sales success.

The following free sales training resources were designed with Human Resources Directors and Hiring Managers in mind.

Feel free to explore the other tracks as well–you just might discover a valuable resource to share with your team.

Sales Onboarding Process: How to Ensure Your New Hires Hit the Ground Running

Sales Onboarding Process: How to Ensure Your New Hires Hit the Ground Running

If you’re hiring, the last thing you want is to go through the effort of recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring someone, then see them leave in the first few months.

This guide provides you with a simple onboarding process that ensures your new hires hit the ground running.

It’s targeted toward onboarding salespeople, though the principles are applicable to any new hires. Now, let’s get to hiring!

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The CFS Guide to Hiring

Free Sales Training Resources: The CFS Guide to HiringDo you want to hire the best salespeople and sales managers around? Are you looking for a hiring process that will weed out the wrong candidates and welcome the right ones? We are happy to share our system! We recommend hiring slowly, letting the process do the work.

In this guide, we share our hiring process to help you identify the right candidate, prepare job descriptions and postings, screen effectively, know what to ask and assign during each interview, and offer employment or rejection .

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Hiring Template: How to Create a Job Description

Free Sales Training Resources: Hiring Template: How to Create a Job DescriptionWhen it comes to the hiring process, do you know what to include in a job description? Are you struggling to figure out how candidates think and what works during hiring?

This resource is here to answer those questions and provide an outline for you to use while drafting your own job offerings.

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Hiring Salespeople: Sales Interview Scorecard

Free Sales Training Resources: Sales Interview ScorecardHiring the wrong salesperson is extremely costly – the average cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee is typically 200% of an employee’s average salary. Combine that with all the sales a top performing new hire would have brought in and you have a significant opportunity cost.

We’ve designed an interview scorecard workbook to walk you through our best-practice interviewing process and get everyone who interviews on the same page. Eliminate bad fits faster and more reliably and move great fits to the next stage.

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Sales Compensation WorkSheet

Free Sales Training Resources: Free WorkSheet: Drive Sales Performance through MBO CompensationAre you a sales manager looking for a new way to incentivize your sales team?

Create a sales compensation program that works using Management by Objective (MBO).

In this WorkSheet we share an introduction to the MBO system, detailed instructions on how to implement it with your sales team, a template letter for your employees, and an embedded spreadsheet to help you record and track goals.

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