5 Tips on How to Grow Sales Within Your Organization

You’ve likely discovered endless results when asking the question: how to grow sales.

But rather than give you a bulleted “how to” list, let’s explore the aspects of what leads to sales growth and help you get on your way. Sales growth comes when all facets of your sales process and team are working harmoniously to achieve goals and close deals.

In order to make it as easy as possible, at CFS we break things up into 5 categories. These categories show importance independently as well how they can directly grow sales.

5 Tips on How to Grow Sales


Quality over quantity: we always recommend aiming for quality leads over a huge amount of random leads.

To sell efficiently and effectively, you need the right foundation. There are a few prospecting tools you can use to build a sturdy foundation of quality leads:

  • Prospecting Action Plan: make sure you update this monthly with the new tools and strategies you discover as time goes on.
  • Targeting: To have quality leads you need to know what makes these leads stand out, and who to ultimately reach out to. You also need to know the best way to contact these targets and figure out your lead sources.
  • Outreach: Prospects are nothing without outreach. This is where your team can really put a 30-second commercial into action and generate leads.


Every great leader knows that selling goes far beyond the numbers. Selling encapsulates your company’s values in a way that is seen directly by leads and clients. The best tip on how to grow sales with selling is by being organized.

  • A sales process helps to organize the three stages of selling into one dynamic model: lead generation, lead management, and opportunity management. A sales process is the road map you will follow to close deals more easily and efficiently.
  • Value Proposition: This will help you to align your company values with your selling practices. This way, you will be selling from a place of integrity and consistency – something that clients and prospects will notice.


When Marketing, Management, and Operations work harmoniously, sales will prosper. The following four areas of your organization are crucial for one another. Whether it has to do with pricing, planning, lead generation, or scheduling, these four components all make selling easier.


Systems are an integral part in the cohesiveness of your sales process. It’s important to document best practices for each of your systems within something such as a sales playbook. These systems could be anything from CRM to ERP.


Your team’s ultimate success stems from the ability for your salespeople to work together. Share best practices, case studies, successes, failures, and experiences. This way, your team won’t make the same mistake twice and can learn from one another.

Ready to grow your sales?

Together, prospecting, selling, support, system, and team make up a sales mecca. They all create the foundation for your team to be successful.

Do you have any other ideas on how to grow sales? Let us know in the comments!

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