What’s the Purpose of Your Goal-Setting Process?

Having goal-setting process is extremely lucrative for any team or individual. Not only does it help to create consistency and efficiency, it actually enables large goals to be met!

I was recently meeting with a client, and the CEO expressed a little frustration at some of the sales team’s performance. These reps were following the sales process, including creating monthly Prospecting Action Plans and setting weekly goals.

When we looked at things a little more closely, though, we made an observation. Yes, these reps were following the “letter of the law” by posting their plans and goals. If you looked at their activity, though, you could quickly see the problem.

So, what’s the purpose of your goal-setting process?

The goal, after all, wasn’t a team of salespeople who’d all set goals. The entire purpose of the goal-setting process was to drive focused activity, something which wasn’t happening.  These reps weren’t setting high enough goals or even consistently following through on the goals they did share.

When creating a goal-setting process, it’s important to stress these things:

  1. Goal-setting is not busy work.
  2. Goal-setting processes are to be followed in order to achieve goals and create new ones regularly.
  3. Goal-setting processes can be shared among a team or created for an individual specifically.

In your pursuit of a good process, make sure you check back occasionally on your original purpose for creating the process in the first place.

Do you have any more thoughts about the goal-setting process? Let us know in the comments!

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