A Valued Connection: 6 Rules to Getting LinkedIn Referrals

Getting LinkedIn referrals doesn’t have to be a debilitating job. Read on to learn how having a simple presence is enough to get referrals.

If you’re a salesperson who networks, chances are you already have a LinkedIn profile. Remember how it all began? Initially, you were excited about all the potential connections you can make – prospects, referral partners, even business friends all together in the same place. Maybe you started connecting with everyone you even vaguely know, including your dog groomer. Unfortunately, after using the tool for several months, you probably realized that the professionals at “Fido’s Clip and Wash” weren’t dishing out the hot referrals you may have originally anticipated.

LinkedIn is just like any other sales tool in your arsenal – the effectiveness lies solely in how you leverage it. This means there is no sales magic, gimmick, or strange luck. However, there is a formula that could help you gain higher quality connections. In order to do this, you should customize your profile with your ideal client in mind.

6 Rules to Getting LinkedIn Referrals:

1. Post a professional photo.

      Save your cocktail hour photo for your Facebook profile.

2. Make sure your headline has relevant keywords others can search you by.

      You should also load keywords in your employment history to help potential connections searching for you.

3. Post frequently to stay in people’s minds.

      Your connections will see your updates and it may remind them about someone they want to connect you with.

4. Don’t forget about recommendations!

      Give as many as you can and request more. They look great to potential strategic partners and prospectsSales Prospecting to Win: How to Work Only the Best Leads.

5. Build up your network.

      Set weekly goals for the number of connections you need to build and maintain the right size network for your industry.

6. Speak to your target audience.

    Every single portion of your profile should be directed at people you want to sell to or receive referrals from.

LinkedIn is full of potential, but are you leveraging it to its fullest extent? List some of your best practices and success stories in the comments section and don’t forget to connect with me and, of course, the team at Criteria for Success.

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