Features Tell, Stories Sell: Great Salespeople Share Success Stories

Great salespeople share success stories!

Features tell, stories sell.

Watch what Charles has to say about sharing success stories in this video:

Success Stories Video Transcript:

I noticed salespeople don’t do a lot of this: tell stories.

“Features tell, stories sell.”

Anyone ever heard that expression? Why do stories sell? Can anyone give me a reason? Why?

[Audience Response]: It’s like a testimonial.

It’s a testimonial, you’re proving something. Beautiful! Why else? There’s a lot of psychology here.

[Audience Response]: Right here [points back and forth], we’re connecting.

It connects, it connects. A story connects.

Sales reps in this room… the people interested in selling, even if you’re not a sales rep. One of the things that you have to fundamentally have as a quality of a salesperson is you have to know people. Okay?

If you don’t know people, I would seriously think you should start investing in getting to know people.

One of the things you should know about people if you want to know people, if you want to live and play in the world of sales…

Human beings are hard wired for stories.

Hard wired.

We cannot NOT pay attention when someone tells us a story.

It started when we were three years of age, or maybe earlier.

When someone says, “let me tell you a story,” “let me give you an example.”

What’s happening… if we were to get a CAT scan of that person’s brain… is the synapses are lighting up all over the brain. The synapses are lighting up, okay?

And what’s happening… the way we define that… is people are actually, when you tell a story—people are actually painting a picture better than you could ever paint.

I could be blue in the face saying:

“Let me tell you how great we are.”

“Let me tell you what we do.”

“Let me tell you this…”

“Let me tell you that…”

“Let me give you this piece of information.”

I could do all of that. And yet, who’s doing the speaking? And yet, who’s doing the painting? Me.

The most powerful is when they do the painting, when they’re painting the pictures.

Don’t paint pictures for them, let them paint pictures for themselves.

And the way people paint pictures for themselves is when they hear a story.

Because now they’re kinda going:

“Oh yeah, I can see how you do that.”


“I can see how you do that with another company.”

Not once did we go, “well we did this and we did this.”

Here’s how you tell a story, very simple:

  • What was the problem?
  • What was the solution?
  • What was the tangible benefit?

We say tangible because we want to give things like:

  • We approved efficiency by 50%
  • 100% of our clients reported that they were satisfied

People are hard wired for numbers.

So, whenever you tell a story, recognize two things:

  1. Human beings hard wired for stories (happened when we were infants)
  2. People are hard wired for numbers.

Plug numbers into your stories! And please keep them short. Okay?

Those are the four fundamental behaviors.

Do you have a go-to success story that you share? We’d love to hear your feedback! Comment below and tell us a story!

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