Are You Over-engineering Your Standard Sales Process?

The most successful people are those who plan and set goals. Having a standard sales process helps your team perform consistently and efficiently to maximize results and reach those goals!

As you may have noticed from this month’s theme for our blog, we’re big fans of process at CFS. We believe that every sales organization needs a consistent yet flexible process.

One thing we see all the time, though, in our work with sales teams, is over-engineered sales processes. I once saw a standard sales process with over 30 different stages!

Check out this video for a great example of over-engineering in action.

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Elizabeth is CFS's Operations Officer and Senior Advisor and is the Product Manager for the Criteria for Success Sales PlayBook. She writes about sales leadership, management, teamwork, motivation, and process based on her work with CFS's clients. Elizabeth also hosts the CFS roundtable discussion episodes of the Let's Talk Sales podcast.

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