Discounting in Sales: Why Great Salespeople Never Offer Discounts

When it comes to making a deal, offering a discount can seem tempting—but discounting in sales can be a slippery slope. In the minds of our prospects, a discount can appear desperate and devalue the product or service at stake.

Here’s the thing: maybe you have fallen into a desperate position as a Sales Manager or Salesperson. Perhaps sales are down, and you feel you’ve tried everything to get out of the sales rut you’re in.

We’re here to encourage you to keep trying. Don’t discount or devalue yourself or your product or service.

Check out the video below to hear more about discounting in sales. In the video, Charles Bernard of our very own Criteria for Success, shares his thoughts on the topic during a sales training seminar.

Discounting in Sales – Video:

[Video Transcript:]

Let me tell you what many reps—perhaps no one in this room does—but let me tell you what many sales reps do.

They start to discount. They start to offer better deals.

We call that dropping your pants. And we do that.

Now my question is: in the world of sales there have been many articles that we’ve read that basically have said that salespeople discounted when it was absolutely unnecessary to discount. 100% unnecessary to discount and yet we discounted?

Let me give you an example of a discount, because we have seen this many times and I’ve been guilty doing this many times.

“End of quarter, end of month, end of year, I’ll drop it by 15%.”

Guess what happens? End of quarter passes, end of month passes, end of year passes. We get a phone call, “We’re now ready to buy.” Guess what price they’re going to buy at?


You ain’t never getting that 15% back. You ain’t never seeing that 15% again. You put that out there, what did you just telegraph?


That’s what you telegraphed.

[End Video Transcript]

Now that you’ve determined not to discount, it’s time to re-focus and re-energize your sales efforts instead. Here are a few articles to help motivate your sales team toward success:

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