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Our core values are our Five Criteria for Success. We’ve identified Five Success Areas we believe are the foundation to an effective sales organization, and we emphasize these Five Areas throughout our training and sales enablement programs. We believe an organization that succeeds in these five areas will have a strong and effective sales team, and a salesperson focused in these five areas will see extraordinary results.

Our Five Areas:

  • Prospecting – Activities to generate new leads and business opportunities
  • Selling – Opportunity development and day-to-day selling technique
  • Support – Support provided by the firm, including sales management and marketing
  • System – Automated systems that support the sales function, e.g. CRM
  • Team – Developing, maintaining, and sharing best selling practices as a team

We also have three core operating values. We do not try to be all things to all people. Our most successful engagements are with clients who appreciate our attitude and our approach.

  1. Constantly empowering, learning and growing
  2. Selling is a personal and highly profitable adventure
  3. Using powerful criteria to deliver successful solutions