Want Consistent Growth in 2018? Focus on This

The key to consistent growth this year is one thing: change. Yup, it really is as simple as it sounds. Nothing can improve if you don’t change things, and nothing (except frustration) can grow if you don’t improve.

So, where do you begin this year? How can you create consistent growth from change?

I believe the best way to answer this is by first giving you a general understanding of the context of change within any selling organization looking to grow.

How change creates consistent growth:

Change is the catalyst of innovation, improvement, and growth. Change sets the spark for success. And it all starts with your mindset.

That’s right: yours. Not your sales reps’, not your HR manager’s, not your IT person’s.

You are a leader. And in most cases, you are THE leader that will drive the change in your organization needed for consistent growth.

As the leader, focus on these things to achieve consistent growth in 2018:

Rally the troops:

You have to get your entire team on board if you want change to create growth. Otherwise you’ll have a huge jumbled up mess and not a lot of growth. If everyone is on different pages and some people are dragging down the group moral, you definitely won’t have consistent growth.

Plan ahead:

Change is something that needs to be thought out if you want to end up in the right spot. Planning your change will make everything go much more smoothly. It’s like having a GPS for you, telling you were to direct your employees and yourself. Change is a major disruptor and you need to be prepared should you need to divert your course.

Get everyone involved:

There’s no point in changing things just for the sake of changing things. If you want to see consistent growth across the board, you’ll have to get your entire team involved. Change effects each department and each individual person in different ways. Brainstorm as a group how you can best implement change and what should be done first.

At the end of the day, consistent growth happens with innovation, understanding, and buy-in. If your team is involved and are excited about what is to come and you’ve planned every last detail, you will see success.

Don’t forget, change can be tough. You’ll realize some people will not be open to changing their day-to-day habits. They won’t want to have to start from scratch and look at things in a new way. This push-back is normal and with guidance and leadership, you can work through it with your team.

All in all, consistent growth doesn’t have to be a dream for the upcoming year. It can be a reality.

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Arianna Miskel is the Marketing and Sales Coordinator at Criteria for Success. She writes about a wide variety of topics including sales leadership, sales training, motivation, and general best practices.

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