Common Problems Salespeople Experience

Many salespeople fall into the trap of describing their products and services to their prospects. In this age of information overload, it’s likely your prospect already knows all about what you offer. Instead, start by identifying the problems your prospects are facing. You can then frame the solutions you present in terms of their specific problems. This will make your prospect feel understood and validated and more likely to get excited about the value you offer.

We’ve taken a page out of our own book to produce the following checklist for salespeople, and an accompanying list for sales managers.

Some Common Problems Salespeople Experience:

  1. Not successfully overcoming their own self-limiting beliefs
  2. Relying too heavily on their features, benefits, and presentations to do the selling
  3. Focusing on themselves instead of on the buyer
  4. Not gaining a buyer’s trust
  5. Not asking the right questions to expose what concerns a buyer the most
  6. Not running an effective sales meeting with a buyer
  7. Not having a consistent, powerful process for following up after a meeting
  8. Struggling to introduce the company in 30 seconds or less
  9. Failing to use active listening to find a prospect’s real motivation
  10. Making incorrect assumptions about what a buyer really needs
  11. Avoiding healthy conflict on a sales call; being “too nice”
  12. Making too many follow-up calls when the deal is dead
  13. Not allowing the prospect to “discover” the salesperson’s value vs. being “told” the value
  14. Failing to remain objective throughout the sales process, especially during negotiations
  15. Going outside the company’s core competencies by selling deals that are too hard to deliver
  16. Prematurely discounting to win a deal
  17. Failing to do key selling exercises on a routine basis, like role-practicing asking the right questions or presenting a solution
  18. Too focused on their own agenda versus the client’s objectives
  19. Not in step with or aware of the client’s decision-making process
  20. Failing to identify the other key stake-holders that are behind the scenes
  21. Not learning from each other and not sharing best selling practices
  22. Not working effectively with the management and other parts of the company to get the support they need
  23. Not using internal systems, such as CRM, to effectively manage the sales process

Common Problems Salespeople Face

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