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I want to tell you about how one of our clients is using our CFS Sales PlayBook to drive an amazing sales culture in their company. This is a firm that has a large, national sales force and went from the dark ages in terms of a sales team approach to reporting best selling practices to each other and keeping themselves accountable.

Sharing everything from lead generation ideas, such as joining some off-the-beaten-path, industry-specific networking groups, to using creative approaches when asking for referrals, the team has opened up a new world of idea exchange that is practical and inspiring. Not only that, but other departments, including Marketing, Purchasing, and even Finance have jumped in to give great advice to the sales team that just a couple of months ago was inconceivable.

Their Sales PlayBook includes a section for individual reps to post weekly goals and accomplishments to share with their managers, a knowledgebase section that includes video excerpts from the custom CFS sales training that we filmed, forums on a host of sales and marketing-related topics, such as preparing for and following up on specific trade shows, anticipating and responding to client concerns, etc.

The best part is that after we developed a custom start-up PlayBook with their desired policy settings and some basic content, using our wiki-based technology they have enhanced the PlayBook to suit their needs. They literally created a self-learning, self-governing ecosystem that is their own series of secret sales recipes for success!

If you’re curious about the CFS Sales PlayBook, sign up for a Sales PlayBook Demo today.

Sales PlayBook Demo

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