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7 No Drama Ways to Break Up With a Prospect [Sales Email Template]

For salespeople, time is their most valuable resource. A few weeks ago, Charles shared his sales email template for shortening the sales cycle - consider this Part 2. Any amount of time one of your salespeople spends chasing non-responsive prospects is time she could be spending closing deals or building productive pipeline. As a sales manager, [...]

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6 Essential Elements of a Winning Sales PlayBook

Have you ever been on a sales call and encountered a totally unfamiliar situation? Maybe it was a sales objection you weren’t ready to handle, a tricky custom solution, or a question about one of your other offerings. Whether or not that roadblock caused you to lose the sale or miss a cross-sell opportunity, it [...]

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3 Exercises to Hone Your Team’s Consultative Selling Skills

As a sales manager, how do you improve your team’s performance? Increase commissions? Set up internal competitions? Punish poor performance? All these tactics might improve salesperson productivity if they’re already doing the right things. Think of it this way – an amateur golfer won’t win the PGA tour just because the winner takes home $1.8 [...]

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10 Incredible Customized Sales Training Stats

Have you ever wondered about the impact of customized sales training? We hear a lot about the importance of implementing great training programs, but what do the numbers say? When considering the investment in a customized sales training program, it's important to evaluate just what kind of return you can expect for your sales team. We [...]

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How to Target: Prospecting Heat Seeking Missiles

Prospecting is one of the most difficult parts of a salesperson’s job. We've written about this before - lead generation is so important, but salespeople are running out of gas. As a sales manager, you’ve probably had a salesperson come to you wondering where to find more leads, what to say to a brand new [...]

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6 Common Mistakes That Could Tank Your Customized Sales Training

To paraphrase from Anna Karenina:“Happy sales teams are all alike; every unhappy sales team is unhappy in its own way.” When working to fix an unhappy sales team, it can seem like the challenges you’re facing are completely unique to your company, situation, and industry. Many sales managers and CEOs set out to find customized [...]

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3 Ways a Sales PlayBook Helps You Build a Better Sales Team

In a quickly changing business environment, many sales teams are looking for ways to improve. As a sales manager, you want to make sure your salespeople are productive and happy members of your team. How do you approach sales team improvement to get the best return on your time or financial investment? First, let’s establish [...]

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How to Hire the Best Salesperson for Your Company

Hiring the wrong salesperson can be incredibly costly. From spent salary to the opportunity cost of an unproductive salesperson to training expenditures, the costs add up quickly. It’s safe to say any hiring manager would rather bring on the right salesperson than the wrong one. But how do you hire the best salesperson for your company? [...]

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How to Optimize Your New LinkedIn Header

In case you haven’t noticed, as of earlier this month LinkedIn Premium users have a big new perk: Facebook/Twitter-style banner headers. LinkedIn was already an amazing tool for prospecting, and this new feature gives users the opportunity to stand out and send a strong message to their profile visitors. The new feature also means visitors [...]

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5 Top Sources to Help You Find New Sales Leads

Finding more leads can be one of the most frustrating parts of a job in sales.  Many salespeople feel confident closing new business, but can’t find or nurture leads well enough to develop a steady pipeline of new opportunities. In some companies, leads are provided by the marketing department, while in others salespeople must fend [...]

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