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Elizabeth is CFS's Operations Officer and Senior Advisor and is the Product Manager for the Criteria for Success Sales PlayBook. She writes about sales leadership, management, teamwork, motivation, and process based on her experience with CFS's clients.

How to Network During the Holidays: 8 Tips for Business Networking Success

With an abundance of parties and events, the holiday season can seem like a great time for networking. It’s not always easy, though, to know how to network without seeming to be too focused on the work part of networking. After all, you don’t want to be the Grinch! Here are 8 tips to help [...]

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Elite Sales Management: Coaching Your People Where They Are

As sales managers, we’ve all been told we need to coach our teams. And for some people, it’s easy to see why! They fall short of plans and consistently get off track. But really, what value are you adding if you’re consistently coaching someone who’s not showing improvement? And what about our top performers? Is [...]

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Using Assessments in the Hiring Process – It’s All About Fit

The hiring process for salespeople can be tough. They sell – it’s what they do! So even a somewhat mediocre salesperson (or a good salesperson who’s not a cultural fit for your team), can end up charming the hiring team into thinking they’re a great fit. They’re not to blame, of course – they’re just [...]

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4 Dimensions of Sales Motivation

One of the most common questions we hear from sales managers is how to motivate their sales teams. Sales motivation can be a complex and difficult challenge! Have you ever noticed that some salespeople don’t seem to need any pushing from their managers? They come in early, stay late, and are always willing to make [...]

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You Posted WHAT?! The Importance of a Social Media Policy for Sales

Why You Need a Social Media Policy for Sales People talk a lot about social media in selling, and one of the first topics that often comes up is a social media policy. What is it, and why might you need one? If you need one, what should you include? Imagine you have a salesperson [...]

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Maintaining Your Sales PlayBook – Why & How to Prune

So you built a sales playbook. Great job! That puts you a step ahead of many of your competitors, and it’s a powerful resource for driving ongoing sales improvement. I have some bad news for you – if you don’t have a process for pruning your playbook, its value will drop by the month. Why? [...]

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4 Common Myths About Sales PlayBooks

In a conference I attended last week, three speakers on completely different topics talked about playbooks. It’s a term that’s being used in a lot of different contexts, but one of the most popular uses is a sales playbook. As with any term that gets a lot of use, the idea of a sales playbook [...]

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5 Creative Sales Training Topics to Use with Your Team

Ongoing sales training is key to developing your team, but it can be hard to think of topics to cover. You don’t want to be too repetitive, even though covering the basics is important. Here are 5 creative sales training topics to use when you’re training your team. 1. Practice Building Rapport Building rapport is [...]

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30 Inspirational Quotes on Sales Coaching

You hear a lot about sales coaching, but what is it? Who needs it, and who is the best person to provide it? What’s the best way to coach your sales team? We’ve collected 30 quotes from the sports and business worlds to answer those questions. We love to share quotes on social media, and [...]

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Building a Sales Training Program? Why You Need to Check In

Regardless of the size of your team (or your budget), it’s important to have a sales training program in place. The program should include multiple forms of training, from sales skill training to product/service training, always integrating it into your process. Training should target both new hires and your existing team. One thing that’s often [...]

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