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3 Foolproof Steps to a Phone Prospecting Process that Works

I recently had a flashback to when I first inherited my team. I can vividly recall spending hours digging through our CRM trying to get a sense of the existing sales process and analyzing historical data to understand where our opportunities lay. Being a young, starry-eyed manager, my visions of the future were bright…until the [...]

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Why Salespeople Should Approach Selling Like a Performer

You know what I always found funny about sales? I could be having the worst day of my life, and yet the second I get in front of a prospect, it suddenly becomes the best day of my life. I’m funny, engaged, and enthusiastic, and I leave the meeting with a spring in my step. [...]

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The One Thing Salespeople Can Change to Improve Voicemail Response

The very first thing I do when I walk into the office is check my messages. In addition to being the Business Development Manager, I am also heavily involved in our digital marketing—which means several vendors call me every day, leaving messages pitching their products and services. The incredible thing is more often than not, [...]

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Effective Cold-Calling: How to Fight ‘Phone Reluctance’ on Your Sales Team

What are every salesperson's two favorite words? "Cold calling!" We've all done it, and we all remember just how little activity it takes to generate tangible results. We recall the warm receptions we’ve received from most of the people we called. We instantly fell in love with it and still rattle the phones every opportunity [...]

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Sales App of the Month: CamScanner

Read on to learn how our Sales App of the Month, CamScanner, can help your efficiency as a person in the sales industry. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. A salesperson walks out of a meeting and it couldn't have gone better. They conveyed value and effectively connected how their solution can address [...]

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Sales App of the Month: VOSTIT

Did you know that VOSTIT could change your sales game? The other day I was reviewing the performance of our web leads and discovered we weren't making many connections. For some managers, this would force them to go into Batman mode. That's when your manager becomes a vigilante who sneaks up on you unexpectedly and [...]

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