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Charles Bernard is the CEO at Criteria for Success. He writes about sales, sales leadership, social selling best practices, time management, and anything related to helping others make sales success a habit.

Let’s Talk Sales! Inspirational Quote from Mark Victor Hansen – Episode 22

Are you ready to put your sales goals in motion? Well, today's quote from Mark Victor Hansen will inspire you to get going! Read on to learn more about this week's Let's Talk Sales inspiration. Mark Victor Hansen Quote In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, it's all about this month's theme: goal setting. And [...]

How Senior Management Works with Sales

If you’re in senior management and wondering how to be effective, especially for your sales department, you’re not alone. This article is for C-level or executive level management, with a broad scope of authority and multiple layers of management. The C-Suite, traditionally CEO, COO, and CFO—provides guidance to direct reports. This might include VP of [...]

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There’s Opportunity in Opportunity Management

Opportunity management is one of your top priorities as a sales leader. Successful opportunity management enables your organization to accurately forecast new business, which leads to effective budgeting. But do you really know how to identify a good opportunity and how to work it? Let’s take a step back. Everyone must speak a common language [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! Inspirational Quote from Deepak Chopra – Episode 14

Does change feel like a huge hurdle to you? Well, this quote from Deepak Chopra is sure to help! Read on to learn more about this week's Let's Talk Sales inspiration. Deepak Chopra Quote In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, it's all about this month's theme: change. And today's quote is all about learning [...]

To Improve Performance: Do What You’re Doing Better

Every effective sales leader helps their employees to improve performance at both individual and team levels. In general, people don’t have to do radically different things to improve their performance. They just have to do what they’re doing better! Foster Goal-Setting and Accountability I’ve been speaking a lot lately about how to improve performance with [...]

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Collaboration and Leadership is Key to Implementing Change

Every Sales Growth Program we implement for every new client is about implementing change. Why? What goes down comes back up! Most people are skeptical at first, and some are downright resistant to anything that disrupts the status quo at work. After they experience the benefits of implementing change, amazing results get produced. I refer [...]

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Customer Service Lessons: What Verizon Taught Me About Selling

Today I got some good customer service lessons when I bought my new iPhone. Contrary to a number of bad experiences I’ve had with Verizon in the past, this one was a pleasure. My Operations Officer, Elizabeth, and I dropped by our local Verizon store. As we walked in, I said, “You do the talking, [...]

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Want a Better Business? It All Stems from Workable Relationships

Are you looking to create a better business? One where people love to work, and where clients love to do business? At CFS, we believe that better business begins with workable relationships. For more on workability, check out my blog article here. But for now, let’s focus a bit on what sabotages workable relationships so [...]

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Customer Loyalty: Why Workability Matters Most

Looking to build customer loyalty? Any relationship between a buyer and a seller that is built on integrity will work. This is especially true during the “getting to know each other” phase. People become more productive and positive when everyone involved is considered equal. We call this a workable client relationship. In this type of [...]

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Building Strong Relationships with Clients and Customers

To build strong relationships with clients and customers, be supportive of their goals. Story: You’re not salespeople, you’re career builders One day, while working as an Account Executive at GE, my Regional Manager assembled the sales team in the main conference room. Twenty of us sat listening to him describe our value proposition. “Stop thinking [...]

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