Articles for the Team Player

Check out these articles to learn how to turn everyone on your team into a team player.

Here’s a list of a few of my favorite blog posts related to improving how your team works together. Sometimes the connection is obvious. Sometimes it’s not, but if you take the time, you’ll find something worthwhile in each article.

Team Player Articles:

Your Weekly Sales Forecast Call: “Go Out and Sell Something!”
The weekly sales forecast meeting has long been a fixture for many sales teams. However, even if your team doesn’t follow this tradition, this article has a great story and five tips that can improve any sales team meeting.

Plus, it’s another one of those stories from “back in the day.” Take the opportunity to think about what has changed since then and what has stayed the same.

Taking a Team’s Temperature
Here’s a short post explaining a method one team used to help open and facilitate communication when things were stressful. Take a second and see if maybe it’s something that could be useful for your team to try.

Want to Be a Better Leader? Schedule Some Time for Yourself to Think
Though this article is specifically aimed at those in a leadership position, the advice carries through for anyone in any role. So many times, we allow ourselves to get busy to the point that we are no longer effective despite our constant work.

Here, Patty Azzarello makes the case for scheduling time just to think, nothing else. Check out the article and let me know what you think about the idea.

Email Etiquette for the Super Busy
How often do you feel overwhelmed by the number of emails you have to send and receive in a single day? For many, the answer is almost every day. Though even this article doesn’t really give you any way to cut down on the number of emails you receive, it does give a list of ten practical ways you can communicate more effectively by email.

Goodbye, Good Riddance, I Want My Bath Robe Back.
This isn’t really an article that that gives you tips or tricks or helpful techniques. It doesn’t tell a story or draw inspiration from history, mythology, current events, warfare, or anything else like that. There’s no elaborate metaphor or long drawn out analogy.

Instead, this article just gives you a simple list of things the author is saying goodbye to habits that don’t help anyone, practices that are holding him back, attitudes that he refuses to accept.

What could you or your team say goodbye to in order to create a team player? Let us know in the comments

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