A Seasoned Salesperson’s Tale of Playbook Success

When switching jobs or industries, even the most seasoned salesperson’s experience may be inadequate. Read on to learn how David was able to better his performance through a sales playbook.

A Seasoned Salesperson’s Tale of Playbook Success:

Six months ago, David was in a state of emergency. He’d recently been hired at Laufer Group, and at first everything was going well – he was learning the ropes quickly, getting to know his colleagues, and settling into a workflow. Then the sales stopped coming. He thought he was doing everything right – but the tactics and strategies he’d used at his last job weren’t working. Then CEO Mark Laufer stepped in.

“A few years ago we had a Sales PlayBook implemented for our company by Criteria for Success. I’ve known Charles, the founder, for years through our CEO network, Vistage, and was excited for the change he could enact in my company. Three years after implementation, we use our PlayBook constantly for training, as a repository of best practices, and as an incredible accountability mechanism to keep my sales team on track.”

David had been logging his progress on his Weekly Goals page, accessible only to him, his manager, and Mark. Tracking weekly goals is an important part of the Support function in our Five Areas model (Prospecting, Selling, Support, System, and Team), that keeps salespeople on track and gives managers a window into in their progress. It’s also a process map that can be returned to over time, assessing how new hires are learning and where they’re faltering.

Mark sees the Weekly Goals page as integral to sales team success. “As time goes by, your PlayBook page will turn into a ‘story.’ The story will allow you and your colleagues to track your journey, find your pitfalls, pick out your best practices, see what leads to successes, and see your mindset changes.” This perspective keeps everyone learning and growing, and instills a culture of collaboration and support.

Based on the updates Mark saw on David’s Weekly Goals page, he helped David develop an Action Plan encompassing all five areas. “He embraced the process,” said Mark. “

[The PlayBook] ain’t snake oil: he’s closing on all cylinders now.”

That kind of hard-and-fast success is exactly what we look for here at Criteria for Success. It’s like Jerry Maguire said to Rod Tidwell: “Help me. Help me, help you!” We help sales managers help salespeople help themselves succeed. An infinite loop of success.

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