7 No Drama Ways to Break Up With a Prospect [Sales Email Template]

For salespeople, time is their most valuable resource. A few weeks ago, Charles shared his sales email template for shortening the sales cycle – consider this Part 2. Any amount of time one of your salespeople spends chasing non-responsive prospects is time she could be spending closing deals or building productive pipeline. As a sales manager, you want to keep a close eye on your sales team’s activity and encourage them to cut the cord when necessary.

Breaking up with a prospect serves two purposes. First, it gets the prospect out of your pipeline and clears up time and brain-space for better-fit leads. Second, it can serve as a pattern-interrupt to get a slow-moving prospect to take action. Buyers are used to the persistent salesperson and are often surprised to hear a salesperson say, “I don’t need this deal.”

But what’s the best way to break up with a prospect? When breaking up, it’s important not to come across as bullying your prospect into action. Think of break-up emails as providing information or asking for clarification. The tone can vary based on your rapport with the prospect – formal or casual, funny or serious. Do what feels right to you, and always respect your prospect’s decision.

To help you find the right way to break up, we’ve collected 7 real break-up sales email templates for you to tweak and make your own.

1. The Polite Ask

sales email template

2. The Blunt Ask

sales email template


3. The Cordial Inform

sales email template


4. The Blunt Inform

sales email template


5. The Let’s Make This Easy

sales email template


6. The Short & Sweet

sales email template

7. The Polite & Casual

sales email template

There you have it – 7 different ways to “go-for-no” with a slow-moving prospect. Try one out and see if it works for you – whether it saves you from sending more follow-up emails or inspires your prospect to action, you’ll be more productive and close more deals faster. For sales managers, try including these sales email templates in your Sales PlayBook. Let us know how it’s working in the comments!

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  1. Andrew Swon April 12, 2017 at 8:30 am - Reply

    There is a great way to send this kind of email as SumoMe does. They do it in a very funny way, a copy of it is right here: http://blog.1000leads.co/funny-sales-emails-that-work/?utm_source=BuzzBundle&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=BuzzBundle%20campaign

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