5 Sales Training Ideas to Create Action During Your Sales Team Meetings

Are you looking for sales training ideas to create a little action during your sales team meetings this year? Are you looking for ways to make your sales team meetings more fun and less monotonous?

Have you considered improvising? That’s right, I’m talking about infusing a bit of acting into your sales team meetings! Before you go running for the hills, read on—the sales training ideas below just might be the kick your team needs to get motivated to sell.

Ready, Set, Action!

Let’s talk about acting class for a moment.

During acting class, students are given a script. The script is key as it instructs the student on what they are supposed to say. But here’s the thing: the real power is in the delivery of that script. The actor or actress has the ability to make the script come to life or let it die, depending on how they present it.

Your company’s 30-second commercial is no different. Does every single person on your sales team present your company the same way? Is their message synonymous with the salesperson sitting beside them? Do they know how to respond when someone asks specific questions about the business?

Of course one of the wonders of being a salesperson is that typically, salespeople are great conversationalists and they are adept at thinking on their feet. Now, what if you were to take that fantastic, witty, quick-thinker, and develop him or her further by having them actually practice 30-second commercials, phone conversations, and more in-depth conversations? They would be unstoppable!

Sales Training Ideas to Create Action

Your sales team meetings are the perfect place for “acting practice” (or “role practice” if you prefer), as it is a safe place and the entire team is involved.

1. Act it Out: 30-Second Commercials

Your 30-second commercial is everything—so practice it!

First, ask each member of your team to develop a script. Remember, no two people are the same. It will be much more difficult to have team members memorize a generic script than it would be to practice reciting a script that makes sense to them.

This is precisely why practice is so important! Allow opportunity for constructive criticism and work together as a team to put together a commercial that works for the entire team.

Looking for a template on how to build out a 30-second commercial? Click here to read how Charles builds his script.

2. Act it Out: Phone Calls

Successful cold calling is an art form! Or is it? We think a little practice is all you need to perfect your messaging for phone and voicemail messages.

What types of phone calls does your sales team make? Are they cold calling prospects? Following up on leads? Following up on opportunities? Asking for requests?

Start by making a list of the types of phone calls that your team makes. Let’s say you have 4 different types of phone calls: pick one type for each weekly meeting during the month—this way you won’t spend your entire weekly meeting working on phone scripts!

3. Act it Out: Voicemail Messages

Leaving compelling voicemail messages isn’t easy! Spend some time during your sales team meetings to focus on creating the perfect voicemail message.

Compare and contrast: sharing scripts out loud can be intimidating—especially if you have a superstar seller in the group. Ease potential tension by asking everyone to write out his or her scripts first. You just might find that some salespeople write a great script, but present it poorly, or vice versa. This is a perfect opportunity for a sales training moment!

Whatever you do, be sure to record the best scripts in your Sales Playbook for the team to use moving forward.

4. Act it Out: How to Respond to Problems

It’s bound to happen: a customer gets their feathers ruffled.

Does your sales team know how to respond?

Remaining calm and handling the problem professionally is a best practice that deserves special attention.

Keep a running list of problems or mistakes that customers have shared and have your sales team role-play ways to handle negative situations. This sales training idea might seem small—but we’ve found it’s actually one of the most important!

5. Act it Out: How to Ask for Business

There are many ways to ask for business—hopefully none of them start with “So, can I have some business?”

Your weekly team meeting is a great place to run through your list of “closes.” What have others said that has brought them success? What pitches have team members used that proved to be unsuccessful? Take note of these and be sure to update your Sales PlayBook to reflect what’s working and what’s not.

Keep the Action Going!

As you begin implementing role practice in your sales team meetings, we encourage you to keep the atmosphere light. Sales training should be fun and enjoyable, but it should also be helpful and growth-focused. Developing your sales team into superstar sellers is possible and plausible—all it takes is a little practice!

Did you enjoy the sales training ideas in this blog? Check out our newest free resource for more sales training ideas to make your sales team meetings the best they’ve ever been!

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