Customer Needs: How Change Acts as a Catalyst to Customer Success

When it comes to customer needs, are you meeting them? Or, better yet, do you even know what your customers want and need in the first place? Understanding our customers can be tough and tricky. And just when we think we’ve got our customer needs down, something changes. Suddenly, we’re back to square one. If [...]

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Implementing Organizational Change Starts with Mindset

Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?" Anyone who has begun implementing organizational change can definitely relate to it. You’ll run into pretty much every personality in the book as you set out on your journey to organizational change. So, what do you do when your meticulously-planned out [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! Inspiring Change Q&A with Charles Bernard – Episode 17

This week's Let's Talk Sales episode is all about inspiring change! And today, we're introducing a very special new segment of Let's Talk Sales: our Q&A series. Our vision for the Let's Talk Sales podcast is to help sales leaders and salespeople to grow and improve. And we thought: how can we help? Well, we [...]

Let’s Talk Sales! Inspirational Quote from Ginni Rometty – Episode 16

In January, we've been writing and talking about change. When I think about change, this quote from Ginni Rometty is one of my favorites! Read on to learn more about this week's Let's Talk Sales inspiration. Ginni Rometty Quote This quick inspirational episode of Let's Talk Sales is all about change, and today's quote is [...]

There’s Opportunity in Opportunity Management

Opportunity management is one of your top priorities as a sales leader. Successful opportunity management enables your organization to accurately forecast new business, which leads to effective budgeting. But do you really know how to identify a good opportunity and how to work it? Let’s take a step back. Everyone must speak a common language [...]

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How to Build Loyalty with Customers by Sending Strategic Emails

Even now, when people seem to be overwhelmed with content posted literally everywhere, emails are still effective. This might seem surprisingly (since you likely have a ton of unread emails in your inbox right now). But the reason is actually very simple: people treat emails delivered to their inbox differently than the rest of the [...]

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Need a Change Management Plan? 36 Signs to Look For

It’s easy to jump into a sales improvement initiative without developing a change management plan. Sometimes you can get lucky and it all works out! Unfortunately, skipping a change management plan often results in a failed initiative. Here are 36 signs to look for to see if you need to develop a change management plan [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! CFS Roundtable on Managing Change – Episode 15

January has been a month of change at CFS, both on the blog and in the podcast. So in this "CFS Talks Sales" roundtable, we share best practices for managing change as a sales leader. In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, you'll hear from Rebecca Smith, Charles Bernard, Arianna Miskel, and Elizabeth Frederick. Rebecca recently [...]

Let’s Talk Sales! Inspirational Quote from Deepak Chopra – Episode 14

Does change feel like a huge hurdle to you? Well, this quote from Deepak Chopra is sure to help! Read on to learn more about this week's Let's Talk Sales inspiration. Deepak Chopra Quote In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, it's all about this month's theme: change. And today's quote is all about learning [...]

Spark Growth This Year by Encouraging Change with Your Sales Team

If you want to spark growth in your company this year, encourage change! Now of course, I’m not suggesting changing everything. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But, if last year sales leveled out, team members failed to meet quota, or worse—it’s time to consider what can be done to spark growth. [...]

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