• Discovery-Based Training

    At CFS, we look at training differently.

    Would you rather tell your salespeople how to sell, or allow them to discover sales success?

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  • Charles Bernard: Sales Keynote Speaker

    Charles helps CEOs bridge the gap between their vision for their company and their bottom line.

    Book Charles to speak at your next event.

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  • Your Road Map to Success

    CFS Sales Training offers the philosophy and mechanics your sales team needs to succeed.

    Looking for a road map to success? Our trainers inspire companies around the world to develop best selling practices in their organizations.

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  • Free Resource: Troubleshoot Your Sales Problems

    6 Common Causes of Poor Sales Performance

    Download our free ebook to learn how to diagnose and solve your sales problems.

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  • Grow Your Business

    Achieve ambitious revenue goals by building on the strengths of your top performers.

    Our Sales Improvement Program activates your best practices to close more deals and drive revenue.

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  • Free Download: Interview Scorecard

    Never hire the wrong salesperson again.

    Download our Sales Interview Scorecard template to get your hiring team on the same page and make sure you make the right sales hire every time.

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  • Sales PlayBook

    This dynamic online resource lets salespeople learn from the best.

    Our content-rich PlayBooks reinforce best practices and help management monitor sales team activities and improvements.

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  • Free Resource: Handling Objections

    Don’t let objections stop you in your tracks.

    Download our free ebook to learn how to handle sales objections.

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  • Criteria for Success: Sales Training & Sales Improvement Programs

    Criteria for Success is a sales improvement company that activates the best practices of your top performers and combines them with our winning sales strategies to drive revenue.


    Our Sales Improvement Program is a 3-step process in which we evaluate your sales fitness, build a platform for resources and accountability, and engage your sales team in breakthrough training to build skills for success.

  • Our Programs

    • Impact

      The impact program is recommended for growing companies looking to make a quick impact in sales growth and development.

    • Acceleration

      The acceleration program is recommended for sales teams that are ready to quickly boost their results.

    • Breakthrough

      The breakthrough program is recommended for sales teams that are looking to break through to a new level.

  • Testimonials

    • The whole meeting had a positive impact on sales. Sales are up first quarter by 20%; more importantly, I think we have a better handle on what is going on.

      Sarah Robertson, CEO, A to Z Media
    • Criteria for Success offered a superior, customized program tailored to how Citrin Cooperman does things, at a very affordable price. The value proposition was very clear.

      Nick Florio, Partner, Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP
    • The participants in Criteria for Success trainings are motivated and changed as a result of the ideas and the interactive teaching method. Hire this company as fast as you can. It’s an investment, not a cost!

      Mark Laufer, CEO, Laufer Group International
    • With services that work independently and together, Criteria for Success was able to respond to our ever-changing needs. The result: sky-rocketing sales growth.

      Director of National Sales, CRM implementation company
    • Criteria for Success dove into our sales organization headfirst and emerged with a customized plan of action that got us thinking bigger, acting bolder, and selling better than ever.

      Robert Levin, Publisher, New York Enterprise Report
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